Women’s Advancement

Our mission is to promote gender equity by empowering women and removing systemic barriers to their advancement.

What our work includes:


Postpartum Education and Support Group Pilot

The pilot in partnership with Love Your Menses will support and educate Boston residents, particularly Black and Brown women, who have recently given birth or are expecting to give birth soon, and create a safe space for people experiencing pregnancy and postpartum. A virtual informational session for interested residents will be held on Wednesday, March 15th, 2023 at 6pm.



March is Women's History Month

In March we celebrate the women who make a difference every day with compassion and determination to make a better world for us all. We have a month full of programming to celebrate, educate, and empower our #BosWomen.



EXTRAordinary Women

Nominations For EXTRAordinary Women are closed as of 03/03/23
March is Women's History Month and we want to recognize the women in the City of Boston doing amazing things for her community, neighborhood, &/or workplace. We are actively reviewing over 200 nominations recieved. Stay updated by following us on social at @bostonwomen and joining our mailing list.
Looking for Childcare?
Visit the Office of Early Childhood for all childcare progams:
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Community Partner Events

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